At the early age of 15, Christopher Horst was creating professional-level logos for bands like Estuary, in his hometown of Cincinnati, Ohio. In high school, he started learning the digital application of design, and became quite intrigued with what else computers could offer in his creative pursuits. 

At age 18, music became the next frontier for Horst. This venture began with playing bass & guitar and producing for comedic improv band, Technolicious, and programming original electronic music under the name Beta Project.  In January of 2003, Horst moved to Boston to attend The School of the Museum of Fine Arts. His time in such a creatively rich environment allowed for a more panoramic understanding of art itself. 

A thirst to compose serious metal emerged in Horst. He decided to apply his acquired production experience to a one-man studio metal project bearing his name. In February of '07, the debut album, "Delineating the Lugubrious," was quickly written. That same year, Horst had the personal opportunity to work on a logo for the Boston-based thrash metal band, Razormaze, and he quickly became immersed in design once more. 

In ten years' time, Horst has accrued more than 1000 logo clients, venturing far beyond his gateway of heavy metal logos. There is much more on the horizon for Horst's artistic endeavors, so keep an eye out!

C. Horst
GENRE: Heavy Metal
FORMED: 2007
LABEL: Unsigned

Horst is a metal studio project formed in the pursuit of melodious innovation and calculated aggression, with a lyrical focus on the inherent pains of the modern human experience.
Safest Bet by Horst

Ritual Inhumanity by Horst

Infinite Quandary by Horst

Apocryphal Providence by Horst

New Album
coming soon

Delineating the Lugubrious

Christopher Horst
GENRE: IDM, Braindance
FORMED: 2000
LABEL: Bezunik Records

Beta Project is an ever-evolving electronic musical force, founded
in experimentation.
Surrender (Remix) by Beta Project

Pareidolia by Beta Project

Noctiluca by Beta Project

Aluminessance by Beta Project

Quantum Plating

Black Psi-Op 

Experimental Hip Hop

C-Compiler is a short-lived, highly ambitious studio project attempting to fuse metal, hip hop, dance & pop into an easily accessible format.
Salutations by C-Compiler

Fistfull of Bam by C-Compiler

MEMBERS: C. Horst, S. Marts
GENRE: Free-Jazz Rave-Thrash
YEARS ACTIVE: 2000 - 2006

Technolicious is a comedic improvisational duo who set out with the single aim of banging your mom.
Requiem for a Playa' 2011 by Technolicious

Power Rangers by Technolicious

Raping Christianity by Technolicious

Slut Mother & the Furious Bone

Mystery Rock?