I offer three types of logo packages, each at a flat rate. My packages are differentiated by the amount of service and optional outcomes offered. I find the package process to be efficient because every client can have an experience tailored to their needs, while both artist & client can know better what to expect in each process.

First we talk about what you want. Visual references can help if you have any. Then, once payment is sorted out, you are added to my to-do list and I usually have something to look at within a week or less

- email:

- we can communicate over the phone if you prefer

- if you have a budget we can try to find something that will work for you

- you can pay with paypal, card, check, venmo, money order 

- 2.9% paypal fee will be included in invoices or you can send as friend if in USA

- payment up front is easier, but half up front is ok if you like

- rough sketch(es) to look at within a week after payment

- turnover time is 2-3 weeks for an average logo job

- you will own the logo or art for life to use freely

- I ask that I be credited online in image descriptions and in cd liners


One primary design concept
Customer requested edits
High res b/w jpg

- AI vector file for another $10
- Hi res textured version for $10

Two concepts and four variations
More variations if I come up with them
Customer requested edits
High res b/w jpg
High res color jpg
AI vector file

Age of Embers
Vaginas are Magic*
Beyond the Dark*
*old deluxe process


Four concepts and four variations
More variations if I come up with them
Customer requested edits
High res b/w jpg
High res color jpg
AI vector file

The Butchering
Black Collar Records
Mike Bino Project


DIGITAL ART - $100 - 400 USD 
FLIERS - $25-50
 - $75-200 USD (depending on amount of panels, lyrics) 
CUSTOM FONT A-Z - caps OR lower case - $150 USD 
CUSTOM FONT A-Z - caps AND lower case - $225 USD
FULL FONT - caps, lower case, numbers, punctuation - $260 USD
RUSH ORDERS - 2 weeks - $20, a few days - $100+ (prices depend on workload)

"Horst gave us exactly what we wanted, and was a pleasure to work with. His portfolio speaks for itself, and his talent for producing professional logos far exceeds his prices." -Archspire 

"We have asked Chris Horst to work on some art design for our band Nephelium, and he did not disappoint. He designed our logo and Myspace page, created our own font, did our CD booklet and merch designs, all in a professional manner and respecting our parameters and deadlines, even going above and beyond what we expected. In our opinion Chris Horst is THE reference for all bands' graphic needs, might you be an indie band or famous signed outfit, we highly recommend his services." -Nephelium 

"Horst was responsive to what we were looking for and kept our taste in mind during the whole process. It didn't take long for him to have a piece of art back to us and it was easy to communicate back and forth with him what we wanted to keep in the logo. We recommend his work to everyone." -Born In Ruin

"Even with the time difference between countries and having other projects, Horst was always quick in getting back to us with progression on our design. The finished logo design itself is brilliant; just what we were looking for, and with great ideas that he brought to us that we loved more. He was consistently polite and friendly through the whole transaction and design phases and was a pleasure to work with; highly recommended." -Dana O'Hara